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Leading successfully through a crisis

In each Business Leaders Hub workshop facilitated by Right Hand Advisors, members are exposed to new thinking on leadership high performance, have the opportunity to discuss strategies with peers to clarify their priorities and leave with practical tools to make an immediate difference back at their workplace.

In a recent online workshop, we tackled the inherent uncertainty of a crisis by breaking it down into the three phases - Survive Pivot Thrive - that each business must pass through to emerge successfully on the other side and identified what each phase requires a business to focus upon and action.

It goes without saying that each phase requires strong and decisive leadership, so we challenged attendees around the 4 key attributes leaders should leverage in a crisis:

  1. Adaptability - ask "what if" when the past doesn't explain the future; challenge what you think you know when circumstances change fast and explore versus exploit.

  2. Agility - an agile business has "stable" elements that deliver consistently and "dynamic" elements that quickly address new challenges and opportunities.

  3. Resilience - bouncing back from adversity requires you to challenge your beliefs, particularly your fears, to change behaviours and outcomes and also be a competent problem solver.

  4. Scenario Planning - planning in a crisis is difficult, but we plan to improve our chances of success, so it must be done but done differently to cater for uncertainty.

Overall, we had a productive session that set up members for greater success in 2020.

If you’re interested in joining our practical, high-value learning sessions in the future, contact me via email on or book an introductory consultation via our website to ascertain our compatability.

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